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Stephen Tilston

Areas of Interest and Experience

Stephen Tilston has over 25 years experience in antenna design, development and manufacturing as well as many years of business management experience. Mr Tilston was one of the original employees at TIL-TEK Antennas beginning in 1979 as a development technician. He later moved on to become Production Manager in 1981 and General Manager in 1985. In August 1986 he became President of TIL-TEK, and was responsible for the transition of the company from a Research and Development organization to a full manufacturing company with a broad range of standard products. Stephen remained as President of the company until 2000 when TIL-TEK was purchased by Wi-LAN Inc. and he became General Manager of the TIL-TEK Antenna Division.

In the 25+ years with TIL-TEK, Mr. Tilston, has worked with some well respected people in both industry, government and various academic institutions and along with co-authoring several antenna related papers, he is a co-holder of several antenna patents. Prior to joining TIL-TEK, Mr. Tilston was the National Accounts Claims Co-ordinator for Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Co. part of the Kemper Group of Companies where he was responsible for ensuring all liability issues for companies such as Ford, Texaco, Union Carbide and many other multinational companies were being dealt with promptly and efficiently.