Electromagnetic Studies


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Quadrifilar Helix

Areas of Study

General electromagnetics studies are sometimes required by system designers or professional engineers in their studies on RF safety, co-location of antennas and urban radio system implementation.


We use several tools for electromagnetic analysis, for example:

The developer of the MBC code and one of the founders of Phoenix Antenna Systems, the late Dr. Mark Tilston, spent many years updating and refining the MBC code since the beginning of his Ph.D. Thesis in 1983. We continue continue to add capabilties and refinements to this code. One of the mathematically interesting features of the code is its use of the symmetric form of the mutual impedance integral between two distributed sources of electric current a and b, derived in his PhD thesis by Mark Tilston, 1989, University of Toronto:

The two terms inside the brackets are the inductive and capacitive terms of the mutual impedance. Symmetry is important because it enforces reciprocity, i.e., in an N-port analysis, we always get Zij = Zji (this is not the case in some other moment method approaches). An early version of the program is described in the "Multiradius" paper by Tilston and Balmain, 1990. For additional papers published by the late Dr. Mark Tilston, go here.