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David Tilston

Areas of Interest and Experience

David Tilston has over 17 years experience in antenna design and manufacturing. In addition he has extensive management experience relating to product development, operations and technology. Mr. Tilston was with TIL-TEK Antennas since January,1988 until August, 2005. He served as Director of Engineering until January 1998 when he became Chief Operating Officer. David served as C.O.O. until June, 2000 when the company was sold to Wi-LAN Inc. From that time until leaving the company in Agust, 2005 he worked as Vice President of Operations and Technology for the TIL-TEK Antennas division of Wi-LAN Inc.

In his 15+ years at TIL-TEK, in addition to his management duties, Mr. Tilston has worked on antenna design using various software tools including method of moments code for electromagnetic modelling. He has written various programs for antenna design and analysis including several utilities for antenna pattern optimization and synthesis. As Director of Engineering, he was responsible for overall product development procedures, schedules and budgets as well as departmental management, staffing and planning. All procedures were developed to be ISO-9001 compliant. As Vice-President of Operations and Technology, David Tilston focused primarily on technology, engineering and operations aspects of TIL-TEK ensuring overall effectiveness and efficiency of these functions. Prior to his years at TIL-TEK, Mr. Tilston has had a variety of experience ranging from hardware and software design to sales and project management with companies such as Intel and GN Nettest (Canada) Ltd. (formerly Navtel Canada Inc.).

He holds a B.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto (1978) where he focused on electromagnetics, filter theory and error-correcting codes (fourth year thesis subject).